Avimesa Tested Sensors

The Growing List of Avimesa Tested Sensors

In general, most 4-20 mA sensors should plug into our Avimesa 1000 board and provide accurate data. There are four testing states:

Passed — Sensor has passed all tests.
Scheduled — Sensor not yet in house.
In Test — Currently setting up and testing.
Failed — Did not pass test.

4-20 mA Sensors

We test and qualify sensors to assure they work with the Avimesa 1000, and as part of the test, we add a script for the device driver in the Avimesa Device Cloud Server. Above is a list of some sensors and their testing status. We are ramping up our test facilities in our shop and will be adding more sensors in the near future. If you have a specific 4-20 mA sensor that you would like to queue up for testing, we request that you fill out this form and send us the sensor. Upon receiving the sensor, there is usually a 10 business-day period for us to test that sensor and send it back to you. There are some exceptions, particularly with sensors that require a chemical process, and we will let you know if we require a lengthier testing period for your sensor.

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