Avimesa Hardware

Avimesa 1000

Avimesa 1000

Designed to connect with industrial 4-20 mA sensors, the Avimesa 1000 is an intelligent I/O device which provides connectivity to the Avimesa Device Cloud. The system has a highly power-efficient and capable Cortex M4F processor that manages communication, measurement scheduling, sensor interface power control, and filtering of sensor data. The firmware is power-optimized, allowing for the use of battery power where needed.

MSRP: $695

Avimesa 100

Avimesa 100

The Avimesa 100 is a plug-in card for the Avimesa 1000 that adds 2 relays to the system for control of DC (up to 30VDC @ 10A) powered devices via connectivity provided by the Avimesa Device Cloud.

MSRP: $295

Avimesa Wifi Gateway

The Avimesa Gateway is a Raspberry Pi-based WiFi unit that allows Avimesa devices to communicate with the Avimesa Device Cloud.

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Avimesa Device Cloud

Complete industrial IoT cloud messaging tightly integrated with Avimesa’s family of hardware devices.

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